Frequently Asked Questions

Hotel specifics
  • What time is check in/out?
    You can check-in anytime before 3 PM. Check-out is before 10 AM.

  • Will it be possible to check in early or check out late?
    It is possible to arrange an early check-in depending on hotel's availability. For late check-outs it is applied a 50% overcharge of the room daily rate.

  • Will there be a luggage storage at the hotel in case of early arrival or late departure?
    Yes, the hotel is equipped with a free of charge luggage storage.

  • Will there be a garage or a parking lot? How much will it cost?
    The hotel has a free of charge unattended outdoor parking lot.

  • Are pets permitted in your hotel? Which size? Will there apply an overcharge?
    We accept small size animals up to 15 kg. It will be applied a 30 € overcharge.

  • Will there be children's animation? For what age? Which activities will be provided?
    Yes, the Paradise has its own Miniclub for children from 4 to 12 years of age.

  • Do you organize tours or excursions?
    Yes. The hotel is equipped with a local expert exclusively dedicated to tours and excursions. 

  • Which services are included in BAR base rate in B&B ?
    Rates include overnight stay, buffet breakfast, pool access, the Miniclub and the  shuttle service to and from the beach.

  • Will there be a babysitting service?
    Yes, on request with an overcharge.


  • How many rooms has the hotel? 
    The hotel has 130 rooms.

  • Are there any rooms with balcony or terrace?
    All the Deluxe and Exclusive Suites have a balcony or a terrace, which are also present in some Classic rooms,Superior Suite and Vip Suites. Please report your preferences at the moment of reservation.
  • Are there sea view rooms?
    Some room at the top floor have a partial sea view.Please report your preferences at the moment of reservation.

  • Are there rooms with parquet?
    No, all the rooms have tiled floors.

  • Are the bathrooms equipped with showers or bathtubs?
    All the bathroom are equipped with a shower.

  • Are there familiy rooms or connecting rooms?
    All the rooms, excluding the Classic, have adjoining compartments. There are no connecting rooms.

  • Are baby cots available at your hotel? Will they be charged?
    Free baby cots, which are suitable for infants under 3 years of age are available at the hotel.

  • What is the maximum number of guests allowed in a room?
    It varies depending on the room category: up to 2 people in Classic rooms, up to 4 in Superior and Deluxe and up to 5 in Exclusive and Vip.

  • Do you have any rooms suited for people with disabilities?
    No, the hotel does not have room suited for people with disabilities.

  • Is smoking permitted in your hotel?
    No, smoking is not permitted in the hotel rooms.

  • Does the rooms have air conditioned?
    Yes, all the rooms have air conditioned.

  • Will I be able to tune in to internatinal broadcasts (Satellite TV) or Sky channels?
    Yes, all the rooms are equipped with Sky satellite TV. 
  • How many restaurants has the hotel?
    The hotel has 1 restaurant.

  • What is the restaurant opening hours?
    The restaurant is open from 7.30 AM to 10.30 AM and from 19.30 PM to 9.30 PM.
  • At what time is breakfast served?
    Breakfast is served from 7.30 AM to 10.30 AM.

  • Is breakfast included in the price? 
    Yes, breakfast is always included in the room rate.

  • Is restaurant buffet or à la carte? What kind of catering will it offer?
    The restaurant is à la carte but we often organize, during the season, themed dinners with buffet.
  • Are beverages included in half or full pension?
    Beverages are never included in both half and full pension.

  • Does the hotel offer celiacs friendly menu?
    On request, the hotel offers a celiacs friendly menu. Please report your needs at the moment of reservation.

  • Does the hotel offer vegetarian or vegan menu?
    On request, the hotel offers vegetarian or vegan menu. Please report your needs at the moment of reservation. 

  • Does the hotel offer children menu?
    On request, it is possible to have dinner at Miniclub.

  • Are children high chairs available in the restaurant?
    Yes, we have free of charge children high chairs.

  • What is included in the half pension?
    Breakfast and dinner (excluding beverages).

  • Is it possible to have lunch?
    Light Lunch service will be available at the Pool Bar.
  • Does the hotel have a private beach?
    Yes, we have a private beach.

  • Is beach service included? What equipment will it include?
    Beach service is included depending on the purchased package. You will have 1 umbrella, 2 beach chairs, 1 sun bed per room- 1 beach towel per person and a shuttle bus from/to the beach.

  • How far is the nearest beach?
    The beach is located 700 m from the hotel.

  • How am I able to reach the beach?
    The hotel has a free of charge shuttle service. You can check the time schedule at the hotel. The beach is about 700 m from the hotel, therefore you can also reach it by foot.

  • Do you offer a shuttle service to the beach?
    The hotel has a free of charge shuttle service. You can check the time schedule at the hotel.

  • Is the beach rocky or sandy? Has it any slopes?
    It is a sandy beach and it gently slopes towards the sea.

  • Will you provide for towels for the pools or in case i decide to go to the beach?
    The hotel offers a free beach towel per person to its guests.

  • Will there be beach animation?
    Yes, Miniclub activities are carried out also on the beach, along with other physical activities.

  • Are pets allowed on the beach? 
    Pets are not allowed on the beach.

  • Is there a bar on the beach? 
    Yes, there are a salad Bar and a restaurant, which are open also in the evening. 

  • Are there showers on the beach?
    Yes there are showers on the beach.
  • Can I access the spa? How much does it cost?
    Entrance at spa is included for hotel's guests, depending on the package purchased, but it is open to anybody at the price of 35 € on the weekend, 30  € on working days (5 hours max).

  • What are the opening hours?
    The spa is open all days from 10 AM to 8 PM.

  • Is Spa kit included? What do I have to bring to the spa?
    The spa kit includes a towel and shower shoes; the bathrobe has a cost of 5 €.

  • What is wellness route? What does it offer? What is its duration?
    Wellness route has a 4 hours duration and it includes: Water Heaven,Turkish bath, Calidarium, Chrome Bath & Music, Finnish Sauna, Frigidarium, Ice Falls, Cold Mist, Reading Lounge & Music, Tepidarium, Thalasso Salin, Kneipp route, Jacuzzi, Effervescent sit Whirpool.
    Minors are not allowed in the pool.

  • Is the route suited for expecting ladies?
    Expecting ladies can undergo the following treatments: Water Heaven, Chrome Bath & Music, Reading Lounge & Music, Thalasso Salin, Kneipp Route, Jacuzzi and Effervescent sit Whirpool. In any case we suggest to consult a doctor.

  • Can I access the spa if I am not a hotel guest?
    The spa is open to anybody at the price of 30 € on working days, 35 € during weekends. (max 5 hrs).

  • Do I have to book my access to the spa?
    We always suggest to make a reservation, although it is not mandatory.

  • Is it possible to exclusively book the Spa for parties or events?
    Yes it is, on request.

  • How old do I have to be in order to access the spa?
    Access to spa is allowed to anyone from 18 years of age.

  • Do minors have to be accompanied on order to access the center?
    Minors are not allowed in the spa, even if accompanied. 

  • Can I book couple treatments?
    Yes, It is possible to book couple treatments.

  • Is it possible to book a day use room?
    It is possible to book a day use room, subject to availability.
  • Are the pools at the hotel internal or external? What are their size?
    The hotel has both external and internal pool.

  • When am I able to access the pool?
    The outdoor pool is open every day from 9 AM to 7 PM, while the outdoor pool follows the spa time schedule from 10 AM to  8 PM.

  • Will I have to wear a swim cap?
    No, you will not.
  • Will it be possible to buy a swim cap or a bathing suit at the hotel?
    No, these articles are not for sale at the hotel.

  • Does the hotel offer a towel? At what cost?
    Yes, the hotel will provide for the towel, which is included in the room rate.

  • Can children access the swimming pool? From which age?
    Children from 5 years of age can access the outdoor pool. Children before 5 Years of age can access if accompanied by an adult.

  • Is the pool suited for children? How deep is it?
    Children from 5 years of age can access their dedicated area of the outdoor pool. Children before 5 Years of age can access if accompanied by an adult.

  • Will there be a lifeguard?
    Yes, there will be a lifeguard during pool's opening times.

  • Do you organize swimming classes? 
    Yes, it is possible to book swimming classes. For further information please contact our reservation office at 0564 9401.




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